Products & Pre-Orders

Information about our stock and commonly asked questions

About our Pre-orders

You can pre-order products before they are available for sale on the store shelves. Pre-orders work just the same as regular orders, except that you won’t receive your order until the product is officially available for sale.

Price Guarantee

If you pre-order an item via our website and Smile Emart’s price changes before the arrival date, we guarantee you will pay the lowest price. If you had pre-paid for your pre-order before the lower price was available, please contact us so we can assist with a refund.

Pre-Order Payment

We require the full amount of payment for a pre-order item. We guarantee the pre-order price is the lowest, if the lower price is available after your pre-paid amount, please contact us so we can assist with a refund of the extra you have paid.

Pre-Order Cancelation

If you change your mind and no longer want to pre-order items. Please contact us to cancel your order and we will charge a cancellation fee.

The cancellation fee is as follows:

  • $50 for products over $100.
  • 50% of the pre-ordered item price for products under $100.