Become our Reseller

Why becomes our Reseller

By becoming our reseller, there is no need to worry about warehousing or shipping, we can handle everything for you. You only need to sell the product and send us the order through our reseller portal. We only do Cash account, so no worry about reference check and no worry about trading period requirements. Everyone with passion to sell can become our reseller.

You sell and we deliver.

We ensure our resellers are in great hands with our team, continually nurturing a mutually beneficial business relationship.

If you would like to become a Smile Emart reseller, your application is welcome. Read about how to become our reseller’s article to find out more about our application process and how you can get started today.

How to become our Reseller

No partner is too larger or too small for us, every single order is important. There are no qualification requirements to become our reseller. Everyone with passion to sell can apply. The following steps are our reseller application guidelines:

  1. Fill in our Reseller Application Form to tell us about yourself
  2. Once we have received your completed application form, our team will be in touch with you
  3. Upon a successful application, you will receive an email with your reseller login details
  4. Welcome aboard! To start the partnership for you as our reseller, our team will send you the user guide to show how our ordering system works.

Read our Reseller Policy and Fill in the Reseller Application Form today to get started.

Reseller Policy

Throughout this section, the terms “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to Smile Emart Limited.

  1. Cash account orders
    As we only take cash accounts, there is no credit reference check. Reseller orders are just the same as regular customer orders. The only difference is reseller account pay the wholesale price.
  2. Reseller level
    There are three different levels of the reseller.
    Level 3 Reseller: All our reseller starts with level 3 wholesale price.
    Level 2 Reseller: Accumulated total order amount exceeds $10,000, the reseller account will be upgraded to Level 2 reseller, and the level 2 wholesale price is better than the level 3 reseller.
    Level 1 Reseller: Accumulated total order amount exceeds $50,000, the reseller account will be upgraded to Level 1 reseller, and the level 1 wholesale price is better than the level 2 reseller.
  3. Orders
    There are two ways to order.

    3.1 Bulk Orders

    Bulk Orders Policy: Minimum order quantity required. Please ask us for it. Reseller orders more than $500, and we can do free delivery around the Auckland metro. If you only want to order one item for your customer, please read our On-demand Order Policy.

    3.2 On-demand Orders

    This ordering option allows Smile Emart Reseller to order items on a case-by-case basis without placing a bulk order ahead of time. Smile Emart can dispatch the item on behalf of the reseller. On-demand order policies apply. On-demand Order Policy: We can help resellers to dispatch on-demand orders. A standard Shipping fee applies. The shipping fee is non-refundable.
  4. Shipping fee
    4.1 Auckland shipping fee
    4.1.1 We do free delivery for reseller orders over $500 per order per single delivery address.
    4.1.2 We charge standard shipping fees per order per delivery address for on-demand orders.

    4.2 Out of Auckland shipping fee
    4.2.1 For bulk orders, please get in touch with us for your delivery cost.
    4.2.2 For on-demand orders, normal shipping fees apply per order per delivery address.

Reseller Return and Refund

Our return and refund policy also applies to our resellers. Please refer to our Return section.

Retail Price

Products must not be sold below our retail prices. Unless Smile Emart has approved a special price.

Reseller who breaches this policy will result in account termination.

Resellers are suggested to follow our retail prices.

Account termination

Breach the reseller policy will result in account termination immediately.

Level 3 resellers who opened an account but did not make any sales within three months will result in account termination.